At LAX with 9 bags to check! A mountain of them. The people at Air NZ were unphased and it only required a little reshuffling to balance weight and that was for the carry ons. Soon on our way.

Clearing out

Well, I wrote the last post and never sent it out…got distracted with tying up loose ends at work, kids, end of the school year, getting ready for a garage sale…2 days away.  We are leaving much our stuff at home, either with our renters or hidden in storage.  And yet, I am amazed at how much we have to give away and how exhausting, physically and emotionally it its to go through it.  I am grateful for the chance to do it now-before there is 30 years of stuff to go process and in some ways to take the time.  I find myself taking so much in-so many old letters and photos and candle holders and books and it seems like it makes all the emotions come to the surface.  Even those feelings that are all about the next month and next year.

Tears spill out so often, strangely even with people I don’t know very well.  I am, or they are, easier to be expressive with than some old family and friends.  And so many people have been so supportive of me and our decision.  I have been incredibly touched by many of my patients and friends and family, in lots of different ways.  I am so grateful for all of their and your generosity.  It is stunning.

getting ready

Hi Everyone,

One of the many thoughts on my list of things to do before we go to New Zealand for a year is start a blog.  I am nervous to do it but want to keep in touch with all of you.  So, here it is..the first blog.  We leave Abq on June 22, packing and planning from now until then.  I am so excited and sad at the same time.  Emotional soup.  I am grateful that the good byes are hard, what would it mean if they were all easy..