Hi friends and family or Kia ora whanau.

Whanau (pronounced like “fawn-o” is a Maori word representing all those who are close to you/part of your family in more than blood sense.  The wh is pronounced like a ph or f in English.  The name for a female teacher is whaea.  The girls teachers are Whaea Hilary and Whaea Jen.  We are almost done with the our first school term here and last week was the big production of Alice in Squanderland.  Below are photos of Isa as one of the family of white rabbits who did their own dance for the show and Olivia as one of the swamp zombies who danced to “Thriller” music and tried to convince Alice to join them is “Squanderland.”. The show was a great success and I was able to practice my make up artistry painting zombie faces…

Also are a couple of photos of the view from school out over the ocean.  The large green field in the middle is the airstrip where small planes land and we stroll across to reach the beach.  No air control tower.  For our Cien Aguas Friends, also some of the girls favorite playground equipment here.  Maybe some will appear at the new playground at school.  

We spent last weekend at the zoo in Hamilton which was fun and great for walking.  Lots of native birds and reptiles.  Went on a week day dinner picnic to a place nearby called Whale Bay and today, it was windy and sunny, so we donned our wetsuits to play in the ocean and on the boogie boards.  Just a few photos below those events.  

I hope you are all well.  It is such an interesting feeling to miss people and events and be enjoying new ones at the same time.Image








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