Here we are…day 4 in NZ. It’s almost

Here we are…day 4 in NZ.  It’s almost 7 am and still dark, winter here.  Rainy last night but yesterday was gorgeous, 50s and sunny.  The kids played at the black sand beach in town and hopped into wet suits and went out on the paddleboard with Dan.  Feels like vacation…and we are here for a year!


We are living in Raglan, a small surf town and harbour on the west coast of the North Island.  About 3,000 residents. Lots of water all around and rolling green hills mixed with all the trees and plants that grow near the ocean.  There is lots of agriculture, dairy cows and sheep and pigs.  It’s beautiful and in many ways reminds me of growing up in Steamboat.  The small town with one main street, meeting people you recognize every day, green hills. No snow but there is a mountain/ancient volcano nearby, Mt. Karioi, who resembles the head of woman and is called the sleeping lady.  We live about a block away from the bay so there is calm water and the levels change with the tide. We have gathered tons of shells already and can also walk to town, our friends school, where the girls will go in a month or so, the park.  

More pictures to come soon..We hope you are all well!!




At LAX with 9 bags to check! A mountain of them. The people at Air NZ were unphased and it only required a little reshuffling to balance weight and that was for the carry ons. Soon on our way.